The Firm

Attorney Joseph Cohen founded Cohen Counsel in order to provide you with a better legal experience. After earning his MBA and law degree from UCLA, Joseph went to work in the New York office Paul Hastings, one of the largest law firms in the world. “Working for a traditional firm was a great experience, but from the client’s perspective, traditional law firms leave a lot to be desired.” That’s why Attorney Cohen established Cohen Counsel.

Cohen Counsel is a national law firm that delivers innovative, aggressive and comprehensive legal service.


Many aspects of the law are standard. Business formation tends to involve the same few documents, bankruptcies tend to require the same few forms, everyone operates using the same set of laws. As a result, many law firms provide standard service. They fill in the blanks on a form and hand you an astronomical bill for the trouble.

Cohen Counsel knows that no two clients are the same. Your goals, needs, and desires are different from those of any other client. That’s why, unlike other firms, Cohen Counsel doesn’t adapt your situation to the forms. At Cohen Counsel, your attorney creates legal solutions to meet your needs.


Everyone you work with at Cohen Counsel will be polite, professional, and courteous. In fact, the firm prides itself on its professionalism. However, despite our professionalism, we are hardly passive. While we will be polite to the other side during your negotiation or litigation, we will insist upon achieving your goals. We are relentless in pursuing the best interests of our clients.


Many law firms can only handle a certain area of law. For example, if you obtain a divorce with another firm, your divorce attorney may only handle divorces and custody. If you want to revise your will in light of the divorce, you would be referred to another firm that handles estate planning. If your ex was not a citizen, you may be referred to yet another law firm for the related immigration issues – if your lawyer even considers that there may be an issue. Don’t even get us started on the tax implications of all of the above.

At Cohen Counsel, we provide comprehensive legal solutions. We practice divorce (family) law, we practice business, personal and real estate law. We consult with specialists as necessary, but we always focus on your needs rather than our “practice area.” By keeping an eye on the big picture, we can take our clients from where they are to where they want to be effectively and efficiently, rather than sending them to attorneys all over town every time there’s a new issue.


Service is the foundation upon which the firm is built. Many law firms today operate on an “eat what you kill” basis. The attorney who lands a client gets a commission and is primarily responsible for ensuring the client is satisfied. Meanwhile, the other attorneys at the firm are busy looking after their own clients. At Cohen Counsel, each individual you interact with is primarily responsible for ensuring that you are thrilled by the service we provide. Whether you want us to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way, or you just want us to let you know where to sign, we work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.